2016 Workshops at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House

from our general manager, Julie Keefe


The Mabel Dodge Luhan House not only serves as a historic inn but also hosts a variety of workshops that foster the creative spirit and provide respite from the typical day-to-day routine. Our 2016 workshop season has begun and the staff is thrilled to support the restorative magic that happens here in the House and through the sacred land that surrounds it.

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Classroom exterior, Mabel Dodge Luhan House

We are excited to share with you the following workshops that are scheduled through November 2016. Please visit each facilitator’s website for more information.

(NOTE: Some workshops are available to Taos locals at a commuter rate-check for more information on the facilitator’s websites.)


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May 15-20: “Abstract Landscapes” with Laurie Doctor. Exploring what happens when you work with form long enough that it becomes something else. Spontaneity, expression, and working with abstract forms does not come out of nowhere-it arises from structure.

June 3-5: “Aligning Your Life with the Principles of Nature” with Glenn Parry. The purpose of this workshop is to remember the true source of our consciousness: Nature – and to learn to align your thoughts with her.

June 12-17: “Illuminated Journaling” with Amy Bogard. Learn and apply the tools, tricks and techniques that will bring your travel sketchbook journal to life! Opportunities for field trips as well as solitary drawing.

July 8-10: “The Vagabond Magpie” with Lynne Perrella. Do you have a magpie’s penchant for swooping down and collecting a shiny treasure, a remnant of patterned cloth, a length of ribbon, or an irresistible sheet of patterned paper? Have you ever considered putting all of those special finds together, between the covers of a one-of-a-kind book?

July 12-16: “Camp Creative Thunder” with Jill Badonsky. Creative writing and expressive art during the day, and salons in the evening. We will use art, craft, image, movement, energy-work, guided meditation and music to deepen creative resources.

July 24-30: “Taos Writers Retreat” with Jennifer Louden (SOLD OUT)

July 31-August 6: “Writing and Wellness Retreat for Health Professionals”. Pursue your writing in an environment that provides maximum space for personal exploration and growth. Too often in hospitals and clinics, there is no time for reflection. But here, left-out stories are told, shared and written.

August 6-13: “Artists’ Revival at Taos” Mixed Media with Pamela Underwood and Helen Wilson. Realign your artistic spirit. Reconnect, refuel and revive your artistic self.

August 14-19: “Taos Writing House” Judyth Hill. A wild writing retreat and culinary adventure with Master Poet/Writing Coach/Author, Judyth Hill, and Chef Kris Rudolph.

August 20-26: “Exploratory Fiction: Tap in, Dig Deep, Discover Voice” with Robert Vaughan and Kathy Fish. Small and large group writes. Craft talk with reading and discussion.

August 28-September 4: “Lavender Sage Art Retreat” with Jane LaFazio. Includes creating a sketchbook, learning to draw and watercolor, easy printmaking. Time to work and play!

September 4-9: “Design Outside the Lines” with Diane Ericson. More than a sewing workshop! Create new designs, celebrate creativity. Diane is a designer and illustrator for ReVisions, a line of inventive sewing patterns and stencils.

September 11-17: “Studio in the Sky” with Sas Colby. A communal studio for those who enjoy working independently in the company of like-minded artists. We will visit the studios of selected artists. We aim to create an inspiring setting where each of us will be stimulated to do our best work.

September 23-October 1: “Creativity Rediscovered” with Michele Cassou. Participants will be given the support and stimulation to develop a natural way of painting based directly upon feeling…to explore the self through painting, to discover in form and color a powerful tool for uncovering and dissolving blocks to emotional and spiritual expression.

October 8-12: “Tissue Paper Collage Connection” with Karen Stefano. A collage playshop that combines aspects of creativity, psychotherapy and a quest for higher meaning.

October 30-November 5: “Sacred Art Yoga” with Raye Lynn Rath. Raye Lynn works with yoga students to connect to their source – the greatness of their own heart and being. Her classes are insightful, inspiring, empowering, sweet, strong and playful.

November 6-11: “Deepening the Writing Life” with Barbara O’Neil. This retreat will include guided writing, reading work aloud, book discussion, silence and meditation. This will be a time to nourish yourself and your writing practice.

November 12-20: “Watercolor Workshop” with Francie Austin Miller. France has been painting for 30 years and says that artists are naturally drawn to areas rich in history and of great beauty.


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Some workshops still have space available. Please contact the facilitators for more information.



With the classroom’s open door, creativity beckons!