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Mabel’s beginnings: Buffalo, New York, 1879-1898

The exhibition and catalog Mabel Dodge Luhan & Company: American Moderns and the West inspired this series on Mabel’s life. The show opens with her birthplace and first home in Buffalo, New York.

Born to wealth on February 26, 1879, Mabel Ganson grew up in Buffalo, New York at the height of the Gilded Age….

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Mabel Dodge Luhan Inspires Nell Shaw Cohen Opera

It’s amazing how Mabel continues to inspire. The subject of a recent play performed earlier this summer in Taos (see below), her life is clearly suited to dramatic expression. So thought composer and librettist Nell Shaw Cohen. On August 12th the Harwood Museum of Art presents “Bringing Mabel Dodge Luhan to Life through Opera,” showcasing excerpts from Nell’s opera-in-progress. This new chamber opera follows Mabel’s journey as she reinvents herself during her early Taos years.

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