Archives for December 2016

Mabel & Company in Albuquerque: Exhibition Overview and Rediscovered Art Works

Mabel Dodge Luhan & Company: American Moderns and the West opened at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History this past October. Each venue of a travelling exhibition differs in installation and interpretation. I interviewed museum curator Andrew Connors about his vision. Here are photos and the story of the Albuquerque show.

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Mabel’s Florence: The 21st Century through Italian Eyes

In 2012 the Mabel Dodge Luhan House received a surprise package from Pescara, Italy. It contained the newly published book Nello Specchio di Mabel. The accompanying letter from author Marco Tornar, translated the title—In Mabel’s Mirror: The Florentine Years of Mabel Dodge Luhan—and the intent. “I’ve tried to fill a grievous gap in my country, Italy, which still doesn’t know this marvelous authoress.”

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