Conference Center

On August 28, 1946, Mabel Dodge Luhan outlined her future vision for her home in a letter to her friend, Alice Sprague. She shared her aspirations that her home would be a retreat for “the movers and shakers of the earth… to relax and recover their energy… the scientists, artists, statesmen, creators, promoters of values and changers of the world… these are the people I have always sought out.”

She added her hope that her home would always remain “very consciously devoted to an ideal.”

If Mabel could return to her home today, she’d most certainly breathe a sigh of relief that her vision has been preserved through the workshops and conferences, the participants and instructors who bring their work to the home on Morada Lane.

ALTWithin the massive front gates to the Mabel Dodge Luhan House is a setting that has changed very little from the days when Mabel use to look out over her domain and view the Sacred Mountain from the third-story solarium.

Under towering willows and cottonwoods, and with the soothing trickle of water in the acequia, it’s easy to imagine how some of the greatest minds of the twentieth century were inspired here. Still secluded at the end of a quiet dead-end road not far from the center of town, the house remains an oasis for physical and spiritual renewal.

The retreat-style conference center makes use of four housing and meeting spaces including the historic Big House which was Mabel’s private home; the Gate House and Auntie’s House, both of which housed her staff and occasionally her guests; and the 1970s Juniper House, our newest accommodation built to provide additional housing and a large classroom.

Logic tells me that a house can’t make people come to it. But something about it and Mabel and its history has created a kind of force field that continues to attract people.
– Lois Palken Rudnick, to Patricia Leigh Brown during an interview for a 1997 New York Times article.

Meeting Accommodations

ALTHistoric House Meeting Space

Rainbow Room: 24.5 x 29 ft. comfortable small group seating
Log Cabin: 26 x 30 ft. rustic style breakout room
Dining Room: 26.5 x 50 ft. capacity 32 people
Living Room: 33 x 47 ft. comfortable small group seating

Juniper House Meeting Space

Classroom: 24 x 30 ft. with audio visual equipment; capacity 40 people

Meditation And Yoga Building

Yoga Room:  32 x 29 ft.
Meditation Room:  20 x 18 ft.

Conference Center Rates

(12 or more participants)

Rates include breakfast and lunch and use of the classroom and Log Cabin

Historic House

$145.00 Per Person Per Night Double Occupancy – 2 meals
$195.00 Per Person Per Night Single Occupancy – 2 meals

Juniper House

$135.00 Per Person Per Night Double Occupancy – 2 meals
$165.00 Per Person Per Night Single Occupancy – 2 meals

Companion in Private Room (not in workshop)
$75.00 Per Person Per Night – 2 meals

$85.00 Per Person Per Night – 2 mealsView To Conference Center

Dinner Meal (15 or more people)
$35.00 Per Person Per Night

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