An assortment of freshly brewed coffee, teas and juice awaits our early arising guests eager to start the morning. Awaken to the hearty aroma of freshly baked breakfast rolls and a gourmet breakfast to provide sustenance for the day of exploring Taos or participating in our workshops. Summer and fall offer the special treat of garden raised or locally obtained produce.

…the house is always full of people and we rarely sit down to dinner with fewer than six or eight at the table, and the same happens often unexpectedly for lunch, people arriving from all over the world.
– Mabel Dodge Luhan, Winter in Taos

Workshop participants are provided meals on site in accordance to the workshop presenters’ schedule. While some presenters choose to have three meals a day served at the house, others prefer breakfast and lunch so that their participants have an opportunity to enjoy fine dining at the many and varied restaurants of Taos.

Supper was ready, I saw the candles burning on the table in the big dim dining-room and I led the way down the five round steps from the living room…
– Mabel Dodge Luhan, In Her Own Words

If you simply haven’t had enough of the culinary artistry of our chefs, take home a copy of our cookbook Mabel’s Kitchen – Favorite Recipes from the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. Also available is From Taos with Love – Recipes from the Land of Enchantment. This lovely book by the Mabel Dodge Luhan House’s nationally recognized chef Melody Sayre invites you to continue tantalizing your palette with southwestern flavors.

Sample meals for workshops:


  • Pissaldiere (a yeasted crust topped with carmelized onions, cheeses, herbs and olives from Provence)
  • Tomato bisque served with croutons
  • Mixed baby greens and Dijon vinaigrette
  • Iced herbal tea, lemonade, coffee, ice water
  • Carrot cake


  • Grilled chicken cutlets in tomatillo-chipolte sauce
  • Herbed rice
  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Squash stew (summer squash, onions, corn, green chile and queso fresco)
  • Sonoran salad (a green salad with jicama, poblano chiles, avocado and pecans)
  • Mexican chocolate Cake