Mabel’s 2016 Big Birthday Tribute

This February 26th marks the 137th anniversary of Mabel’s birth. In past years the Mabel Dodge Luhan House has thrown her memorial dinners and hosted special events. This year she gets the biggest birthday party ever.

Opening in May at the Harwood Museum of Art, the Mabel and Company: American Modernism and the West exhibition examines art works created by the modernist movers and shakers who were Mabel’s guests in Taos. The landscape, the brilliant light, and the traditional lifeways of the Hispanic and Pueblo people made an indelible impression. In every case, these American luminaries found inspiration.

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Honoring Natalie Goldberg and Her Two Newly Released Books

Taos honors writer Natalie Goldberg this weekend. Friday afternoon, in recognition of her far-reaching influence on the creative arts in Taos, Mayor Dan Barrone will declare February 19 2016 “Natalie Goldberg Day.”

For the occasion Natalie will read from two of her newly released books. On Saturday the Mabel Dodge Luhan House will host two events sponsored by SOMOS (the Society of the Muse in the Southwest). In the morning long-standing writing students and friends will present stories and anecdotes on how Writing Down the Bones affected them. In the afternoon Natalie will teach a workshop (advance registration required).

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New Year’s launch: 2016 at Mabel’s

Reviewing the launch of 2016 at Mabel’s, happenings from 2015 inform the New Year–it’s chock full of Mabel news and events. We’re excited.

2016 will feature the long-planned Mabel and Company exhibition opening in Taos. Partnering with the Harwood Museum of Art, the Mabel Dodge Luhan House is offering lodging for two special weekends.

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Happy New Year – recipes from Mabel’s

We’ve had a full house over the holidays. This morning I enjoyed conversations and sharing in celebrations. I delighted in seeing guests seated around coffee tables, chatting with each other in the warmth of adobe fireplaces.

In the spirit of the holidays, and in homage to hospitality served up by our kitchen elves, I’m sharing two of my favorite breakfast recipes from our booklet, Mabel’s Kitchen.

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